The Golden State Warriors are up for the second game after recording their first win against Portland Trail Blazers in the Western Conference Finals. The Golden State Warriors won by 116-94 in the game one which was played at the Oracle Arena.

The second game is slated for Thursday, May 16, 2019, at the Oracle Arena, Oakland, California at 6:00 pm PST.

The United States and Indian betting sites are getting a lot of attention since lots of betting enthusiasts are placing their bets for the game. If you are planning on betting for this game, you will be interested in knowing the odds for it.

Chances of Portland Trail Blazers winning

Trail Blazers will have a good chance of winning if they manage to increase their three-point percentage and field goal percentage. In game one, they recorded a three-point percentage of 25.0 and field goal percentage of 36.1. If they can increase these percentages by a significant margin, they will stand a chance of winning this game.

Trail Blazers’ Damian Lillard who suffered a hamstring injury will probably make a comeback, but Jusuf Nurkic who also suffered a leg injury is fit enough to join the squad for the game two.

Now to the statistics, the Blazers are 51-43-1 against the spread (ATS), 36-28 ATS with one day off, 49-44-2 to the over/under, 19-14 ATS after a loss, 36-26-2 to the over/under on one day of rest, 18-15 to the over/under after a win 12-19 ATS as an away underdog, and 13-18 to the over/under as an away underdog for this season.

Chances of Golden State Warriors Winning

Golden State Warriors’ field goal percentage was 51, and their three-point percentage was 51.5% for the first game. These impressive percentages, accompanied by a consistent defense, played a significant role in their win. If they maintain this stance, there is a high chance that they will record a second win in game two.

Unfortunately, DeMarcus Cousins and Kevin Durant will not be joining the team for the game two due to quadriceps and calf injuries respectively. This development is rather unfortunate since Kevin Durant recorded 34.2 points the game.

The Dubs are 41-53-1 ATS, 28-36-1 ATS after a win, 46-49 to the over/under, 25-30 ATS with one day of rest, 19-27-1 ATS as a home favorite, 19-28 to the over/under as a home favorite, 35-30 to the over/under after a win this season, and 24-31 to the over/under on one day of rest.

The Analysis

It is improbable that Golden State Warriors is going to record the percentages that they recorded in the game one. This is because Trail Blazers will be ready to face them; in the first game, Trail Blazers had only one day off after their game seven win over Denver Nuggets.

Although this will mean Warriors will record a lower percentage and Blazers upping their percentage, there is still a big chance that Warrior will again win the game 2. Are you planning on betting in india? Which team are you going in for?